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Work fewer hours, make more money & enhance your student results

In many areas of the world, lockdown has lifted, and people are getting out and about more with their dogs, or heading back to work after a long period at home.

And as trainers we are feeling the pressure to deliver.
Many dogs and their guardians are struggling to cope with the changes and need our support.

For dogs born in lockdown, today’s routine is a far cry from the sheltered world they might have lived in until now so it’s not surprising that they are having a hard time adjusting.

But how can we meet the need for help without reaching burnout?
How do we streamline our time, create more efficient practices and create change for struggling guardians, without compromising our own needs and time for self care?

Not to mention create financial freedom…

Join our panel of experts – Michelle Dart, Yo Michele Swinson-Armendariz and Christina Cass alongside special guests Janet Finlay and Marjan Baas as we dive into what is really working in the industry right now.
If you’ve ever wondered how you can have it all – a successful business, time for a thriving family life and enhanced results for your students that don’t require longer working days from you, then you’ll want to tune in LIVE for the interactive coaching session this Friday as we take a look at hybrid learning and how it can revolutionize the training industry.

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