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Thomas Davis’s ability to tame any dog has earned him the title of “America’s Canine Educator” – and made him the dog trainer of choice for celebrities include YouTube star Logan Paul, current NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Working out of the Upstate Canine Academy in upstate New York, Davis specialises in the most extreme behaviour modification cases – dogs for whom he is the last chance before either being taken to the shelter or euthanized. In this episode we see Davis, who has spent time training with wolves, get to grips with Steele, a German Shepherd whose bad behaviour has become so extreme that couple Ryan and Brandi have been forced to live segregated lives in their home, and have to communicate on walkie-talkies to ensure it is safe for her to leave the house.

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Video Credits:
Videographer / Director: Colin Bell
Producer: Tom Midlane, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Garry Sykes

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