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Today in this video I am telling you about the training of rottweiler.In this video I will tell about more than 15 dog skills.American rottweiler is a very good family and guard dog or you can say that one of the best protection dog breed in the world.This is a dog training video and it shows the commands of the dog.American Rotweiler is One of the Best Dog dog name is jerry and There is only one dog on YouTube that makes this kind of storytelling videos,my rottweiler jerry has become very popular on YouTube channel(the rott) has just completed 1 lakh subscribers, thanks a lot to all of you guys.
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in this video__
1-dog training skills
2-showing dog commands.
3-best trained dog.
4-most aggressive dog breed in the world.
5-best protection dog breed.
6-best dog breed rottweiler.
7-fully trained rottweiler.

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in this video
1-full day of dog
2-rottweiler showed fetch command.
3-best trained rottweiler.
4_fully trained rottweiler.
5_most clever dog bred in the world.
6-showing dog training.
7-best protection dog breed.
8-best family and guard dog breed
9-best dog breed
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