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Today’s video is a Q&A. You can find each question below with the time for your convenience.
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00:21 – What is the first thing you try to teach a dog when training?

03:22 – What’s the best way to train a kid to handle a puppy?

05:19 I have three dogs. what is the best way to work with all 3?

07:30 – I was just made aware of “fear periods”, particularly in GSD around 4-5 months. I was wondering if you’d consider doing a video on how to work through this positively?

12:25 – I have a 10-month-old border collie, we’ve watched your videos. Do you have tips on getting him to focus, he’s very hyper and distracted even after exercise that he finds it difficult to focus on tasks.

13:53 – Our beagle barks incessantly when one of us comes home. Any tips for us?

17:55 – How to keep my dog in a stay position when I answer the door. He is nosy and has to see who’s out there and of it is someone he doesn’t know he will growl and start to bark in a mean sort of way.

19:55 – we are moving from a rural area to the city. we will have people walking up and down the sidewalk in front of our street constantly. how do we stop the dogs from barking at them?

23:09 What would be your five top medium-sized breeds for service dog work?

24:51 – what are the best treats for dog training?

26:54 – What would you say are the key principles to keep in mind every day when you train a dog?

31:06 – What is your opinion on feeding a raw diet

33:47 – My GSD heels beautifully if I have a ball in my hand, but I’m having a hard time weaning that out. Any suggestions?

37:08 – How do you deal with dogs whining in the crate?

39:00 – I am having a hard time truly understanding when to do the “yes” reward marker or “break, Free” marker when training.

45:25 How can I stop my dog from barking at other dogs and people when outside or on a walk? It’s not alerting or aggressive barking, it’s more like wanting to visit and play, but it gets annoying.

49:00 – Is it bad to give my dog too much freedom in the house? Lastly, She whines if I don’t reward her right away while training.

52:21 – Can you address some age-specific expectations concerning the recall and duration of skills in different environments?

54:35 – What would you recommend for socializing during the Pandemic and how would you go about introducing a puppy to existing animals specifically cats.

59:25 – I’m still trying to get my dog to let me pet her head. How should I proceed from here? How should I convert value to being pet? help her enjoy it?

01:01:08 – I’ve got a 9 week old Dutch Shepherd and it is very determined to nip fingers, toes, ankles, pants legs, etc. the cuteness wore off pretty quick. I’ve tried yipping like a hurt puppy which worked for a little while. Saying “no” has had no effect, rewarding him when he’s laying nice doesn’t seem to register with him that nipping isn’t allowed. It’s pretty frustrating, hope you can offer a good approach! Thank you.

01:05:52 – 3yr old terrier mix just recently started obsessively digging to chase moles. I am never able to catch her in the act therefore am not able to redirect. I have tried setting her up to fail so that I can redirect and reward but she is smart enough to not do it in front of me. Suggestions?

01:08:50 – My 9-month-old GSD does good on leash walks with just me, but when I try to walk him with my kids he pulls and starts barking in excitement. How do I stop this behavior?

01:10:21 – how do I train my dog for public access?

01:13:58 – How long should I wait in between bringing the puppy home and service training? what’s the indicator that the dog is ready to begin service training?

01:14:55 – How do I increase my dog’s ball drive?

01:16:06 – How can I get my dog to bite harder when playing tug?

01:17:08 – Do you use a kong? Does it serve any purpose besides being a food dispenser? Which toys do you like to use with your dogs?

01:19:54 – When your dogs come forward off the terminal marker and you hold your hand high to get them to jump for the reward, do you hold the treat in the same way in your hand? Can you guide us through that little part, specifically why you have them jumping and how to hold the treat without getting bit by an amped-up dog?

01:21:24 – Do you teach the double down? If so do u use a different command? I want my dog to down regular sometimes then other times I would like him to lay down with his head touching the floor.

01:23:33 Any ideas of how to tire dogs out mentally? My GSD is high drive and no way I’m wearing him out with physical exercise.

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