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Cats with jobs sounds like an oxymoron. We know cats to be very independent animals who prefer to sleep sixteen hours a day and then wake us up at 2:00 AM with their zoomies.

However, just because they spend a good portion of their day asleep doesn’t mean that some of them can’t hold down a job.
In fact, there is a subreddit, r/CatsWithJobs, that is dedicated to showing the world just how employable some felines can be. To be quite honest, we can totally get behind cats holding down a job. Some of these kitties look so cute in their fields of employment, and below are 10 examples of adorable cats who are working hard:
1) Security Guard
He looks like he’s taking his position very seriously.

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Photo: Reddit
2) Instafamous
It’s a thankless job being the luxury background for a cosmetics photoshoot.
Photo: Reddit/ssknurt
3) Receptionist Team
Apparently, it takes four feline receptionists to do the job of one human.
Photo: Reddit/astro-mechanic

4) Dr. Meow-edith Grey
The doctor that we’d all love to visit.
Photo: Reddit/KadinlTurk
5) Security Monitor
This cute kitty isn’t letting anything get past him.
Photo: Reddit/YekMert
6) All Proceeds Are Mine
At least he’s honest about his intentions.
Photo: Reddit/kelserah

7) Wake Up Call
Now, this cat knows customer service.
Photo: Reddit
8) Security Dog
When you lie on your application but get the job anyway.
Photo: Reddit/Nikachuu
9) Vet’s Office Receptionist
That adorable look of judgment is what you really come for.
Photo: Reddit/royrogersmcfreely12
10) Sleeping on the Job

Now that is how you get a one-star review.
Photo: Reddit/saggy-stepdad