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For as much as we love her, Mother Nature present all sorts of risk for our four-legged friends, including dangerous bug bites, snake bites, ticks and heartworm disease, and deadly foxtail grasses. But one Georgia dog found herself in a rarer (but equally dangerous) predicament after falling into a massive earthen hole, where she remained trapped for days.
Photo: Facebook/Cobb County, GA
According to Newsweek, firefighters raced to save the stranded dog after a local resident, Ty McIntyre, noticed the pup trapped at the bottom of the deep pit.
Rescuers raced to bring the frightened dog back up above the ground, where she seemed relatively unharmed despite her frightening ordeal. Nobody knows exactly how long the dog was trapped, but the pup was quickly reunited with her owner.

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“Thank you to our Cobb Animal Services and Cobb Fire staff for saving a sweet dog!” Cobb County Animal Services wrote on Facebook. “Big thanks also to Ty McIntyre, who was checking the property, found the dog stuck in a hole and called Animal Services.

Thank you to our Cobb Animal Services and Cobb Fire staff for saving a sweet dog! Big thanks also to Ty McIntyre, who…
Posted by Cobb County, GA on Friday, May 14, 2021

The Internet, meanwhile, heaved a collective sigh of relief upon hearing the dog was safe and hopefully getting a steak dinner at home.
But many users wondered why such a deep hole was left uncovered in the first place. “What is this suspiciously grave-like hole?” one user asked.
Photo: Facebook/Cobb County, GA
Others urged the city and/or property owner to do something about this obvious safety hazard. “The possibility of this dog or another dog or a person ending up in here has me worried!” one user wrote, according to Newsweek.
Regardless, we’re just happy this lucky pup has been rescued from this terrifying ordeal and reunited with her owner, who will hopefully do a better job of keeping their dog safe on a leash or in the yard.