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There are cat people and there are dog people. And then there’s Queen Elizabeth II, who has reportedly owned 30 corgis during her long reign as England’s Queen.Now British media are reporting that one of the Queen’s dogs, Fergus, has passed away at just 5 months old. This news is especially heartbreaking because Fergus –- one of 2 puppies gifted to Queen Elizabeth by her son, Prince Andrew-–was intended to comfort the 95-year-old monarch after her husband, Prince Phillip, fell ill.
Photo: Pixabay
For a time, the gambit worked. The Queen was reportedly delighted by little Fergus, an adorable dorgi (dachshund/corgi mix) named for an uncle who died in WW1. On most days, Fergus and Muick, another puppy gifted by her son, could be seen walking with the Queen around the palace lawn.

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Queen Elizabeth II has loved corgis since she was a child. Photo: Facebook/ Stroud Veterinary Hospital
But roughly a month after Prince Philip passed, Fergus also died. Now the grieving Queen is mourning her husband of 70+ years and the puppy meant to help her during this difficult time. Fergus reportedly died from a congenital heart problem.
Photo: Facebook/NY Express News
“The Queen is absolutely devastated,” a palace source told The Sun. “The puppies were brought in to cheer her up during a very difficult period.”
“Everyone concerned is upset as this comes so soon after she lost her husband,” this person said.
RIP, Fergus. We’re so sorry for your loss!