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There are many things that we may appreciate about life, but there’s nothing quite like having a faithful pet by your side. They are love personified and you never have to question how they feel about you.Of course, pets mean different things to different people, and it’s always interesting to hear what somebody has to say about their beloved furry friend. That is where Reddit comes in. People are sharing what their pets do for them and it is heartwarming to see those responses.

1. “My hat flew off once and Porky the Pug went to pick it up for me. He failed, but at least he tried.”Source Reddit/PM_ME_YOUR_RESTROOMS
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
2. “My gecko pinky licked my face when I was sad and laid his head on my finger.”Source Reddit/Solsticewolfdog

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3. “My dog brought me his favourite toy and laid it on my lap when I was sad, and curled up next to me.”Source Reddit/i_f***in_luv_it_mate
4. “My cat stayed In bed with me the entire time I had COVID. I was shocked because he’s usually an asshole.”Source Reddit/GaryNOVA
Photo: flickr/I am R.
5. “One time when my bf and I were pretend fighting my bf’s dog kept trying to get in the middle of it and kiss us trying to get us to make up. He’s so precious I love him.”Source Reddit/CrispyCrunchyPoptart

Photo: Pixabay
6. “My dog had to pee in the middle of the night and he did it in the bathtub instead of on the floor. I thought that was really sweet.”Source Reddit/EnglishTeacherTube
Photo: flickr/AHLN
7. “My older cat can pull me out of a panic attack, and has for every single one she was around for. Nothing else has ever been able to do that before.”Source Reddit/seraph089

8. “When my dad had a heart attack our Border Collie/Hound dog mix would not leave his side and even kept jumping in the ambulance while they were working on him.”Source Reddit/notjawn
9. “My cat came and sat on top of my (very badly) twisted right ankle. The warmth and purring and pressure felt so comforting.”Source Reddit/xdragonteethstory
Photo: flickr/Dan4th Nicholas
10. “I had a parrot and got dumped by this girl and was heartbroken…That bird flew down to my bed, ran up my arm and started giving me kisses and wouldn’t stop till I broke out laughing then it joined me.”Source Reddit/MadLintElf

Photo: Wikimedia Commons