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Once upon a time, Johnathan had a loving home, but the 9-year-old cat wound up at The Animal Rescue League of Boston when his owner passed away. But at the shelter, the senior cat got more bad news. Veterinarians discovered Johnathan suffered from entropion, a painful condition that left his eyelids tilting inwards, causing friction with every blink.
“Think of it as if your eyelashes were on the other side of your eyelid. Whenever you blink, it’s going to irritate your eye,” a shelter worker, Mike DeFina, told TODAY. “So John was pretty uncomfortable.”
Photo: Twitter/Animal Rescue League of Boston
The cat’s condition also made him stressed around people, which is understandable — but clearly not ideal for a shelter pet hoping to get adopted. “He was nervous any time anyone tried to touch his head, and he was yowling quite a bit,” DeFina said. “He was in pain.”
As John’s condition continued to deteriorate, staff decided surgically removing his eyes would be the kindest treatment.

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Now the senior cat — although officially blind — is much happier and relaxed without the eyes that caused him so much pain.
“This has allowed John to really show us who he is,” DeFina said. “He was a friendly cat to begin with, but since the surgery, he’s not yowling and he’s more accepting of pets from both our staff and volunteers.”
Photo: Twitter/Animal Rescue League of Boston
Shelter workers were delighted to see the cat’s loving personality shine through. As Johnathan adjusted to life without sight, the Animal Rescue League of Boston redoubled its efforts to find this shelter pet a forever home.

Can we find John the loving home he deserves? ❤️This 9-year-old boy was brought to us when his owner passed away and had a medical condition that required the removal of his eyes– but it hasn’t stopped him from being the sweet boy he is! #Adopt John at
— Animal Rescue League of Boston (@ARLBostonRescue) May 26, 2021

“Once he figures out where everything is — where his food will be, where his litter box will be, where the couch is — he’s going to be great,” DeFina explained, describing cats as “resilient” and “amazing,” and predicting Johnathan’s long and healthy life ahead.
Photo: Twitter/Animal Rescue League of Boston
Nor did the blind cat have to wait very long to meet his forever family. Just one day after rescuers shared Johnathan’s story and picture on Twitter, the sweet senior had been adopted!
“I think he’s going to make a wonderful addition to whoever is lucky enough to bring him home,” DeFina said. “He’s very lovable.”
Congratulations, Johnathan! We’re so glad somebody jumped at the chance to give this sweet special-needs cat a loving home.