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Animals make such wonderful companions. They can especially be wonderful company for elderly people who might be lonely and in need of a buddy. That is why it is extra heartbreaking to see someone in such a position have their pet go missing. Unfortunately, one grandmother, Philomena Boenke, suffered the gut-wrenching ordeal of losing her 16-year-old Chihuahua-Yorkshire Terrier mix, Brandy.

According to a Facebook group dedicated to finding the dog, the 81-year-old grandma lost her pet after her 59-year-old son, Tony, took the little Chihuahua mix on a walk in October 2020.
Photo: flickr/Alex Ford
They wrote, “Brandy vanished on his usual walk on Hackney Marshes 10 October 2020 Though he is 16 he is a lively dog but he doesnt roam or run away..he was with a family member when he just vanished from by his side. the Marshes were busy …”

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They further noted that Philomena is quite heartbroken. They explained, “His owner is over 80 years old she is out looking for him in the day time and stands at her front door in the middle of the night hoping he is coming home.”
Photo: Facebook/Heather Kent
It is so sad, especially since Philomena is deaf, and Brandy was her constant companion.
Her daughter, Mary, who lives in Clapham, South London, said according to Tyla that Philomena has not stopped looking for the little dog, and that she has vowed not to stop her vigil until he comes home. Mary has admitted, “It tears my heart apart listening to mum sometimes. She’s a strong woman and she holds it together very well, but you’ll catch her looking at his pictures.”

Philomena first adopted Brandy from a friend who had to re-home her two puppies, Brandy and his sibling, Ruffles. While Ruffles passed away two years prior, Brandy was all Philomena had left. The retired older lady is beside herself with grief now that her little furry companion is missing. She’s had Brandy for sixteen years.
Photo: Facebook/Heather Kent
The pair had a daily routine, and without Brandy, Mary has said that her elderly mom is now a little lost as to what to do. Brandy went missing in the Hackney Marshes when Mary’s older brother took him on a walk for Philomena.
Mary said that Tony had let the little dog off the leash, something he’d done many times before. However, it was late in the afternoon during the time of year when days get shorter. When he couldn’t find Brandy, Tony started to worry and called his sister. Together, the two began to search the surrounding areas, hoping to locate the tiny pooch.

Speaking of Brandy, Tyla reported that Mary said, “He had a very affectionate nature but was cautious as well. He’s not the kind of dog to run up to a complete stranger. He’s not one of those dogs that goes running off for miles and you think ‘where are they’ and you’re shouting across the field.”
Photo: Facebook/Heather Kent
It was something very uncharacteristic for Brandy to do, and so the siblings were very worried. Tony called all the kennels and shelters in the area, but because of the pandemic, many of these establishments were a little difficult to get a hold of. The two started to suspect perhaps someone had taken the little dog.
Then, in early November, they had a break in their case. Someone called them claiming that they’d found the missing Brandy. However, they suffered a devastating blow when they arrived at the place only to be told that another woman had claimed the dog as her own, and refused to stay until the family arrived.

Now, Mary is once again appealing to the better nature of people in hopes that someone will come forward with information as to the whereabouts of Brandy.
Photo: Facebook/Shelagh Savage
You can follow the Facebook group for updates on the search and share posts about Brandy’s disappearance to help.
Hopefully Philomena will get some closure and will get to see her beloved pet again.