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A herd of elephants that has been on a journey across China for more than a year was recently captured napping on video. The sweet footage was filmed by drones that have been tracking the animals over the past few months. Local government sent the drones along with a crew of about 500 people to keep the animals safe during their trek, which has lasted for 15 months and taken them 300 miles from home. The group of helpers has also closed roads and tried to lead the elephants to the southwest.
The herd of 15 has been caught on video walking through cities large and small, as well as fields. They’ve eaten millions of dollars’ worth of crops and caused damages to buildings in the process.
It’s unknown why they’ve been on this passage, but officials say it appears that the herd is finally turning around and heading back to their natural habitat. They’re believed to have come from the Mengyangzi Nature Reserve in Xishuangbanna, in the southwest Yunnan province.
Asian elephants are endangered, facing threats like habitat loss, poaching, and conflicts with humans. There are only about 300 wild elephants in China.
To check out the video of the sleeping giants, as well as a somewhat rambunctious calf who couldn’t calm down quite as quickly as the others, watch below.
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