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Pet owners refer to their dogs as “fur babies” for a reason. They’re a part of the family and some of us feel like they’re our special children. When dogs are left at home for a few hours or a full workday, they get so excited when their owners return. It seems like they’ve been gone for ages and the excitement is unmatched.

For dogs with military parents, a full work session can be more than a full day but can last weeks or even months during deployments.
Photo: Pixabay
One dog had to experience that when his owner went on a three-month deployment and his excitement when she returned was too cute!
Capt. Nancy Alvarado left her golden retriever, Oshie, for three long months, their longest time apart.

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Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories
The moment they got to see each other for the first time was captured on video and it’s too sweet.
In the video, you can see Oshie and Alvarado embracing on the floor in a giant hug. Oshie is clearly excited to have his mama back and Alvarado seems to feel the same.
Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories
You can truly see the emotion in both of their faces!

Watch the sweet moment in the video below:
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