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Nikki Delventhal packed up her Prius, her rescue dog named Camper, and hit the road, embracing homelessness and travel full-time. In the winter of 2019-2020, Delventhal made the decision to move into her car with Camper, and the two have been nomadically living out of the Prius ever since.

Since moving into her car, Delventhal has been trying to make an income as an influencer through a quickly growing YouTube channel and social media presence. She shares all about life on the road with her dog and people can’t get enough.
Photo: Instagram/nikkidelventhal
In one of her videos posted below, Nikki explained that in a time when she could’ve been feeling down and out, she decided it was the perfect time to move into her car and see the US. She put all of her belongings in storage and set out with Camper.

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Nikki got Camper as a rescue. He was abandoned and Nikki found him all alone in a field. Getting to go on such an adventure together seemed like a dream come true for both of them, so they made it happen.
Photo: YouTube/Nikki Delventhal
Photo: YouTube/Nikki Delventhal
After six months of traveling in the car, Nikki decided to continue with the lifestyle indefinitely, so she sold all of her possessions from storage.

Together, she and Camper have been exploring states in the US and going to national and state parks. They spend a lot of time hiking, swimming, and exploring the beauty of different areas.
Photo: YouTube/Nikki Delventhal
“Back in the winter of 2019/2020 I moved into my car and have been living in it ever since! I am here hoping my story can inspire you to follow your dreams and tackle your fears, no matter what they be. For me, right now, thats living this lifestyle and giving back. Lots of love to you all!” she said in the caption.
Watch her video below:
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You can follow Nikki on YouTube and Instagram, and you can follow Camper on his Instagram, @adventuresofcamper.