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In this episode, we respond to Gio’s Cesar 911 Episode. Gio was identified as an aggressive pet dog, however in the end he was simply a misconstrued pug. After going through 5 houses, I was called into his sixth house circumstance.

Years later on, Gio and I view his episode. Discover more about our journey in this video!

We enjoy you Gio! Pleased you belong of our pack.

00: 08 – Gio’s Intro
00: 39 – Responding to Gio’s Episode
01: 30 – Gio’s Bite
02: 40 – Why would like and an excellent house cause aggressiveness?
05: 05 – Cesar reveals the household how to manage Gio
06: 00 – Psychological Purchasing your relationship with your pet dogs
07: 33 – How a pet dog discovers particular habits
10: 15 – Leash Work
11: 10 – “Gio can’t be repaired”
13: 00 – Conclusion

Thank you for seeing!

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