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Dogs are pretty good sports when it comes to dressing up. They allow their owners to do all kinds of silly costumes, hats, and wigs. Lately, the hashtag #dogwig has been making the rounds on social media as more dog owners find it hilarious to emulate hair on their furbabies’ heads.

Naturally, the results are hilarious. Dogs have those big brown eyes that somehow look so sad and embarrassed when they’ve got something like a wig on their heads.
Photo: Instagram/sybilthedobe
Check out our top 10 favorites below:
1) Let me speak to a manager.
This adorable pup looks very much like a Karen.
Photo: Instagram/flemingtonvet
2) Hot girl summer

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The idea of a hot girl summer is apparently terrifying for this pup.
Photo: Instagram/stellathechiweeniee
3) Mermaid hair
This little pooch looks like she’s ready for some fun in the waves.
Photo: Instagram/ranok_na_24tv
4) Peek-a-boo
Clearly, wigs aren’t the only items you can put on a dog’s head to make them extra adorable – towels work just as well too!
Photo: Instagram/chiweeniemoirarose

5) Bedhead beautiful
This dog’s hair looks like some major bedhead…or Helen Bonham Carter’s character in “Sweeney Todd.”
Photo: Instagram/katie_portelli
6) Haircuts at home
This little pooch probably let her mom cut her hair.
Photo: Instagram/3ss3ntial.n33ds
7) Pink hair don’t care
This wig choice works quite well.

Photo: Instagram/daphnethewondersossige
8) Why, Mom?
Clearly, this pup isn’t impressed with the purple wig.
Photo: Instagram/danielreichardlife
9) Golden Girls vibe
This wig makes this pooch look like a fifth cast member of Golden Girls.
Photo: Instagram/cali.k9
10) Day at the beach

Who knew that seaweed also made a great choice for a wig?
Photo: Instagram/mydogstink
What do you think? Do you ever dress your dogs up in wigs? Let us know!