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Cesar go back to the Loporto home with Junior to continue dealing with Shannon and Gio. Shannon is specific that Gio will assault Junior, however Cesar guarantees her that the worry is even worse than the truth.
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About Cesar 911:
Cesar Millan is back in his component – fixing up canines and training individuals, however this time he’s bringing his abilities to a neighborhood near you. Weekly Cesar will take a trip to a neighborhood that remains in desperate requirement of his aid. He is summoned by next-door neighbors, colleagues, loved ones and buddies who “blow the whistle” on a four-legged hazard that has actually turned their lives upside down. Whether it’s a ruined Chihuahua going wild in a household service or an aggressive pooch spreading out worry throughout an area, Cesar will utilize his exceptional know-how to bring balance to the pets and the neighborhood. Each episode will include 2 stories within one neighborhood and conclude with all celebrations coming together at a main meeting point, now geared up with the understanding and tools just Cesar Millan can supply.

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Knowing To Trust Your Canine|Cesar 911

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