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Canine bites can occur for a great deal of factors, from a young puppy in the teething phase nipping you to an attack by an unusual pet dog on the street. A great deal of times pets can even bite those that are closest to you developing a detach in your relationship. In this minimal series, Cesar Millan assists health & physical fitness trainer Rrayyme and her sweetheart Nathan with a typical concern family pet moms and dads have relating to pet dog hostility and pet’s biting.

Ara is a rescue who has actually been assaulting her owner’s sweetheart. She is an ideal pet dog when her owner, Rrayyme, is around, however when Nathan, her partner, gets in the formula it’s an entire various story. Ara reveals aggressive and over protective habits. Nathan hasn’t touched Ara in 5 months. Rrayyme and Nathan are at a deadlock and do not understand what to do. Let’s see if Cesar Can Fix the Case.

00: 55 – Rrayyme & Nathan share their story
02: 17 – Cesar fulfills Rrayyme & Nathan
02: 51 – Cesar starts taking Ara out of the Kennel
05: 57 – Cesar presents Lorenzo, our llama, to Ara
09: 24 – Cesar attempts to pet Ara
13: 01 – Nathan starts to deal with ara
20: 04 – Nathan attempts to pet Ara