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We’ve all been misunderstood or made a mistake when texting — it’s just part of the deal! Most of the time, these hiccups in communication are easily brushed aside but sometimes they result in accidental comedy gold.

For one dog groomer in the UK, autocorrect and an accidental “send” made an innocent mistake into a mortifying misfire when they had the following exchange with a customer waiting to pick up their pup:
PHOTO: REDDIT / spongebobfuckboy
Dexter, a senior-citizen beagle, had just been coiffed and bathed that morning when the employee sent what they intended to be a quick message to let the owner know he was ready for pickup.
In the fast-paced groomer’s facility, the text was autocorrected from “Hi Dexter is ready” to “Hi Dexter is dead,” which was hastily followed up with “Hi dexter is ready now!! Sorry stupid auto correct” a minute later.

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The text was shared with other employees at the groomers, who clearly found the whole thing hilarious. One later posted the incident on the r/CasualUK subreddit, a place for Brits to casually discuss everyday events.
Perhaps suspecting that the owner wouldn’t believe that Dexter really was alive and kicking, the employee followed their texts up with a photo of Dexter, smiling and fresh-faced. The OP who shared the exchange on Reddit also shared their amusement that the employee had “included a ‘proof of life’ photo” in the panicked follow-up text, adding, “We were crying laughing!”
The OP also passed along the reaction from Dexter’s owners, an elderly couple who had been perplexed by the whole situation. Commenter u/Downtown_MB had said “I’d love to have seen the conversation when they came to pick him up 😆,” to which they replied, “They saw the funny side, thank god.”
Fortunately, Dexter was completely unharmed at his grooming appointment and “had a great time,” according to the last text from the groomer.

Aside from a moment of confusion, his owners were able to take the miscommunication in stride, and the moment garnered thousands of upvotes from amused readers across the UK and beyond!