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When this stray dog was first found on the outskirts of a city, he was in the midst of a period of major upheaval. That’s why he had such a neat relationship with this nest. As it turns out, he had created the nest on his own, as a means of hiding out from any pesky humans that tried to bother him. We can totally understand you there, little buddy.

This dog was having a rough go of things when he first arrived in the city as well. The pup had two broken hind legs to contend with, which could not have been making his life any easier.
Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters
Once an animal has been through the worst in life like this, they are typically not going to trust humans in the same manner that they used to…if they ever do again.

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So, what could be done to help this poor pooch? Now that he no longer trusted humans, he was more than willing to fend for himself. When you do not believe that anyone has your best interests at heart, what else is there to do?
Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters
However, the rescuers were able to get to the dog before it was too late. By the time the rescuers got to him, there was just one problem: The dog’s legs were going to need to be amputated.

Fortunately, they got him in for surgery just in time. This good boy also received a handy dandy wheelchair to help him get around, which had to be nice after limping around on two busted legs for as long as he did.
Photo: YouTube/Animal Shelters
This is one dog who has more grit and perseverance than we could have ever imagined. This dog’s faith in human beings has finally been restored, allowing him to finally start living the life that he has always deserved.
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