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Home security cameras are becoming more prevalent in homes across the US, and it turns out that they’re serving a dual purpose. In addition to capturing footage of potential thieves and strangers, security cameras can also be used to help rescue stray animals. When a couple, Sydney and Matt, got an alert from their security camera at 2:00 AM, they immediately went to see what was going on. While they didn’t find a person intruding on their property, they did discover a dog had come up to their garage and was sniffing around for food.

The couple kept an eye on their cameras the following nights, and the black labrador-looking pup continued to return and search for food.
Photo: Facebook/The Dodo
Naturally, they didn’t want to leave the dog to wander the streets at night, so they tried to go outside to catch him. However, the black dog, who they named Bishop, proved to be quite skittish and refused to let anyone near him.

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Despite his fear of people, he kept returning every night to look for food. In the security camera, they could see the dog sniffing trash cans and trying to find any loose scraps to nibble on. Sydney and Matt decided that, even though they couldn’t get Bishop off the streets just yet, they could at least provide him with some food and water.
Photo: Facebook/The Dodo
One night, Matt decided to try and catch the dog again. He went outside and waited, and Bishop showed up like usual. Unfortunately, as soon as the dog saw Matt, he darted away. Rather than give up this time, Matt decided to follow the pup and see where he was going.

Matt followed Bishop to a dense thicket on the side of the road. The dog crawled into a hollowed space, which seemed to be his “home.” Knowing there was a storm coming up, Matt and Sydney knew that they couldn’t let Bishop continue living in the thicket.
Photo: Facebook/The Dodo
The couple set a crate with blankets and the food and water out for the dog, so he could have a comfortable place to weather the storm. Beyond that, Matt began to get up every night and wait outside for the stray dog to come.
Matt kept his distance, and just sat there, watching Bishop. He was far enough that the dog felt comfortable coming for food, but close enough that the dog could see him. After two weeks of Matt sitting outside and watching Bishop, his effort paid off: The dog finally came over and allowed Matt to pet him!

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo
From there, they were able to get Bishop into their backyard and the rest is history. Though he was cautious at first, it didn’t take long for the dog to really let loose and relax. Bishop got comfortable running around the backyard and playing with the couple’s dog, Luke.
He was incredibly friendly, and Sydney and Matt knew that they could find him a loving home.
Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo
It didn’t take long before a neighbor, Courtney, offered to take Bishop in and he instantly hit it off with her family.
It’s so nice to see he got a happily ever after.
Watch his story in the video below:
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