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There are many people who would like to work for the greater good. In many cases, it is because of the kindness that was shown to them and they want to turn around and show that kindness to others.It seems as if the same is also true for a dog named Forrest.

Forrest is a 100 pound Labrador retriever who was rescued last year in Oregon. It wasn’t long after he was rescued that he entered a training program to become a search and rescue dog.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
It seems as if he is perfect for the job because he is going through the training very quickly. He is now working along with his first responder partner, Tom Simmons, and is a certified search and rescue dog!

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The partners are working together at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation facility in Santa Paula. The organization shared on Facebook, “Forrest has found a job he loves and has now begun his new life with his handler. We’re so proud if you, Forrest!”
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After beginning his training last August, he worked for months, and eventually, he graduated along with four other dogs on May 28.

Not only is Forrest a certified search and rescue pup, but he also gets many of the other benefits of being part of the Search Dog Foundation.
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That foundation recruits dogs to be part of the training program. The good news is, it doesn’t matter if they graduate or not, they will receive health benefits for life!

If a dog is not suitable for search and rescue, it will be found a more suitable position, typically in the home of a family that will care for them day after day.