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When we own a cat, there’s no doubt that they’re the king (or queen) of the house. We do everything we can to provide them a comfortable, safe place to live.Sometimes, we go above and beyond to give them the extra things that make life even better.
For some, that may be buying a few extra treats to hand out throughout the day. For others, it could be getting extra toys and things to play with for their cats.
Photo: flickr/liz west
For one cat lover named Claire, it meant building her cats a “capsule hotel” so they could have their own space to live within her apartment.
Claire has seven cats, so she knows a thing or two about their likes and dislikes. One thing that cats always seem to be looking for is a place to hide away – a box, a container, a small space to cram into.
Photo: flickr/chispita_666
When thinking about this, she came up with the perfect idea: A capsule hotel that’d allow her cats a small “room” to hide away in, made from a plastic container.
To get started building the “hotel,” she gathered plenty of plastic containers and then measured her cats to see how they’d fit inside of them.
Photo: YouTube/Kittisaurus
From there, she stacked the containers and made sure they were secure enough that her cats wouldn’t tip them over.
After the “hotel” was set up, it was only a matter of time before it was filling with guests!
Photo: YouTube/Kittisaurus
How neat is this? I think it’s safe to say that most cats would love to have their own “room” in the house.
Watch Claire create the capsule hotel in the video below:
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