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Isn’t it just the worst when your neighbors are blasting loud music? So inconsiderate! For one apartment block in Galicia, Spain, one neighbor’s late-night party got so loud that several people called the police, as reported by Spanish News Today.

When officers arrived, they were prepared to give the tenant a stern lecture and ask him to turn it down, along with a possible fine. After all, as some neighbors added in their calls to the police, this wasn’t the first time!
Officers were surprised to find what seemed like an empty house when they finally entered. No one had answered their knocks, and the lights were mostly darkened.
Finally, officers were able to find the source of the trouble — the tenant’s cat!

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The mischievous feline obviously liked it loud, and while his owner was away on a business trip, he’d switched on the stereo and turned it all the way up!
When his owner was called by the police and told what his cat had done, he apologized and added that he would be home from his trip as soon as possible to avoid an encore performance.
He knew that his cat loved music, but didn’t realize he’d been smart enough to operate the stereo on his own while he was away. Maybe his cat just wanted some background noise and got carried away!

Whatever the reason, the police gave the man a warning to find a way to cat-proof his speaker setup before going on his next trip. Hopefully the cat can find another way to keep himself entertained in the future!
This isn’t the only time cats have shown off their love of music. The recently released Netflix docuseries “Cat People” showcased the uniquely-talented iamMoshow, the Cat Rapper, and his amazing feline hype men.

If they ever tour in Spain, they know who to call if they want a great DJ!