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Watching animals overcome hardships is quite inspiring. Despite whatever troubles their facing, animals always manage to remain upbeat and positive it seems. Seeing animals facing disabilities definitely pulls at our heartstrings because it reminds us that there is always hope, even in grim times.

A grey tabby cat living with Cerebellar Hypoplasia – which is a condition that affects the brain’s ability to produce coordinated movements – is certainly inspiring others around him after taking his very first steps with the help of some wheels.
Photo: Pixabay/Amaya Eguizábal
Koby’s owner, Kristen, has been posting his progression on social media, and there have been plenty of people who have followed their account in order to be a part of his journey.

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Even more impressive is the fact that Kristen set up a GoFundMe for Koby, with an initial goal of $400. Koby’s followers were so happy to contribute, that the page ended up raising more than $1,300 CAD.

On the GoFundMe, Kristen explained that the feline has been growing and has finally reached his adult weight of 2lbs 14oz. Because of this, she shared that the sweet cat is ready to get his “big boy wheels.”
In her plea for help getting him new wheels, she wrote, “Obtaining a set of wheels would mean that Koby could zoom around the new house and our new fenced in backyard chasing his brother bosco, and his favorite feather toys. He could get therapeutic exercise and practice his walking that he LOVES to do. Currently these things bring out the ‘zoomies’ in Koby, but he’s always left spinning in a circle and not being able to keep up.”

After she finally managed to help Koby get his highly anticipated wheels, Koby was ready to take his first steps towards a brand new life.

Watch the emotional footage below:

you’ve seen it here first. kobys first steps • #kobythechkitty #hotwheels #imsoproudofyou #progress
♬ im so proud of you – nira

You can follow them on Instagram, @boscoandkoby, and TikTok, @boscoandkoby.