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There are many reasons to love elephants. These gentle giants are loving, loyal creatures who look out for their herds. They never forget a face, and (the females at least) grow up to become awesome animal moms. Photo: Pixabay
But elephants–though once plentiful across Asia and Africa–are also being hunted into extinction. Ivory fetches high prices, encouraging poachers. Other countries allow, and even promote, trophy hunting.
Meanwhile, zoos, circuses, and other “entertainment” venues routinely abuse and exploit elephants for profit, aka “elephant tourism.” The elephant’s dire straights are further compounded by habitat loss, covid-19, and climate change.
Photo: Pixabay
Now all three species of Asian and African elephants are endangered, or worse — but it’s not too late to save them. Start by celebrating World Elephant Day on August 12, which was founded in 2012 to raise awareness about elephants’ endangered status and boost conservation efforts.
Now in its 10th year, World Elephant Day remains an excellent way to champion these incredible creatures. Read on for 6 ways to support elephants on World Elephant Day!
1. Spread the Word
Photo: Pixabay
Raising awareness is one of the primary goals behind World Elephant Day. You can help by posting about World Elephant Day on your social media channels to help spread the word about the myriad dangers facing elephants today.
2. Help Stop Elephant Tourism
Photo: Adobe Stock
Celebrate World Elephant Day’s 10th anniversary by helping us end elephant tourism. Elephants are routinely held in captivity and forced to perform in circuses, zoos, and other “entertainment” venues for unsuspecting tourists, all while they’re being abused and neglected behind the scenes. Take a pledge to avoid elephant rides, circus performances, zoos, and other elephant tourism, then sign a petition to help us ban elephant rides for good.

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3. Save Elephants from Starvation
Photo: GreaterGood/Save Elephant Foundation
Of course, the only thing worse than elephant tourism is what happens when those animals are suddenly abandoned. That’s what’s happening in Thailand–long a hotbed for elephant tourism–where the pandemic has precipitated a severe shortfall in tourism. As tourism revenue declines, operators can’t feed their elephants, who are left chained up and facing starvation. This growing crisis led Greater Good to partner with Save Elephant Foundation to support elephant food banks, which have already reached 1,059 starving elephants in Thailand. Your $10 donation can help us save even more.
4. Rebuild An Elephant Shelter
Photo: GreaterGood/Save Elephant Foundation
Asian elephants are also threatened by Thailand’s heavy monsoon season. On July 8, a tropical storm tore through an elephant camp in northern Thailand, trapping three terrified elephants, Theng, Somsri, and Thong Dee, beneath the soggy rubble. Now GreaterGood and Save Elephant Foundation are racing to rebuild the elephant shelter, but we need your help getting this project off the ground. Just $10 will help fund this emergency relief project.
5. Skip the Ivory
Photo: Pixabay/The Rainforest Site Store
Ivory is the leading driver behind poaching, which means you can help end this brutal trade (and help save elephants) by saying no to ivory and wildlife products altogether. Check out The Rainforest Site Store for elephant-themed jewelry that actually gives back to elephants by supporting Project Peril, a GreaterGood signature program that works to restore elephant habitat and curb the ivory trade.
6. Show Your Support
Photo: Proud Elephant Mixed Metal Pin/The Rainforest Site Store
In honor of World Elephant Day, all of our elephant jewelry, clothing, handbags, socks, and other elephant-themed items are on sale for the next 3 days! Check out the Rainforest Site Store for stylish and socially-conscious ways to show off your elephant pride.
How are you celebrating World Elephant Day?