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Parents around the world use a baby cam to keep an eye on their little ones while they are sleeping. Often, when we look at the camera footage, we have that peaceful feeling that we get when our child is comfortable and snoozing away.

Sometimes, however, we may get a surprise, and that was the case with a family who checked on the footage from their baby cam.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A couple of hours after putting the baby to sleep, the family feline jumped up onto the railing of the crib and was walking around.
Eventually, the cat jumped down into the crib and curled up to take a nice nap.

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Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management
Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management
After sleeping for a few hours, the cat decided to have some fun and plays with the mobile hanging over the crib.
It’s one of those moments that will make the family smile for many years to come.
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