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Francisca Franken was browsing her local animal shelter’s listings one night when she stumbled across a striking photo of a cat — a cat so interesting, that she immediately knew she needed to adopt her! “So,” she later wrote on Instagram, “I sent the fastest email EVER to them and got a call back the next day.”

Franken was worried that when she picked up, she would hear the bittersweet news that Bean, as the cat came to be named, had already been adopted.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
After all, with her striking features, she had to be the most popular cat on the site, right? But when she picked up the phone, Franken recalled: “The lovely lady asked me if THAT really was the cat I wanted to apply for, because nobody had ever been interested in her. Can you believe that? … I teared up at the thought that no one wanted her. So I made an appointment with them, because I was even more determined to meet her.”

Bean may not be the most traditionally beautiful cat in the world, but “I’m obsessed with her,” Franken wrote on Instagram. She “started rubbing against my legs the second I came in,” she wrote, and “I took her home that day because I knew I couldn’t spend a single additional day without her.”

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Now, Bean has been happily adopted and spends her days relaxing in style: looking out the window, walking in the garden, and stealing olives!

“She loves them so much that she broke into the fridge, gobbled down two or three of them and got off at lightning speed when I tried to stop her,” Franken wrote on Instagram. “I was able to catch the thief and she used all her power to free herself and the last remaining olive. I have battle scars,” she added, tongue in cheek.

It’s hard to believe that no one wanted Bean before Franken found her. She’s got personality, a distinct, cartoonish appearance, and lots of love to give.

It just goes to show that there’s someone for everyone out there.
You can follow more of Bean’s adventures on Instagram here!