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In this vlog, we invite Jason Derulo & Jena Frumes to the cattle ranch whose Belgian Malinois, Ghost, will not stop pulling on the leash.

00: 30 – Intro
01: 35 – The Belgian Malinois and the significance of providing a pet dog a task
02: 42 – How to NOT utilize a leash correctly
03: 45 – What a leash needs to indicate to a canine
04: 24 – Value of Trust, Regard, and Love
05: 17 – How to Stop Pet Lunging
08: 16 – Presenting the Treadmill to Ghost!

We review the value of workout, understanding which tools to utilize to produce the result you desire, and one innovative method to exercise your pet dogs utilizing the treadmill!

Enjoy how I have the ability to resolve this concern and make sure to remain tuned for my brand-new program premiering July 30, 2021 on National Geographic.

Keep in mind, the most essential lesson is that it is essential to be familiar with the mindset of your pet and YOU!

Take notice of your posture and how you lead your pet. What is triggering leash pulling or your canine from barking excessive? What are the triggers?

In the end is constantly …

Workout, Discipline, Love!

Can I Assist Resolve this Case?

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