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Every morning, a clever pup steals pillows from inside the home and drags them outside to lay in the sun. One morning though, he decided to change things up by dragging his whole dog bed outside. Some dogs love to sunbathe, and others hate it. When I had two dogs, one of them would do everything she could to find any patch of sun to lounge in. The other one, however, would do the opposite and always head for the shade.

It’s safe to say the pillow-thief dog is definitely someone who appreciates sunbathing. His owner shared with Rumble Viral that he has a routine of laying in the sunshine every single morning, but he doesn’t like to just lay on the ground.
Photo: flickr/Sheila Sund
Instead, he steals pillows from the lounge room to take outside and lay on. As his owner explained, the dog usually takes two pillows outside, but one day she caught him dragging his whole bed out!

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They said, “Every morning, my dog steals a pillow from the lounge room and takes it outside. He usually steals two pillows but today is an extra special day because he picked up his bed and took it outside and placed it in the sun so that he could sunbathe.”
Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral
The dog’s owner happened to captured a video of the dog going through the effort to move the bed outside, and while it looked like a lot of work, it all paid off in the end.

At the end of the clip, you can see the dog lying comfortably in the bed while the sun shines down.
Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral
How sweet!
Watch the video below:
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