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Who doesn’t like making new friends? Okay, full disclosure, I probably don’t. I’m pretty happy with the four friends I’ve got, and as it stands, I spend the majority of my time at home anyways. But that’s because, as my lovely friends have pointed out, I’m like a human cat. Cats are notorious for being aloof and keeping to themselves. But not dogs. Dogs are the embodiment of friendliness and joy.

Just go to any dog park and you’ll see a bunch of happy little pooches wandering around making friends with anyone they meet. A very adorable Golden Retriever named Atlas is no different.
Photo: Pexels/Helena Lopes
According to his owner, the sweet and friendly pooch loves to go about town meeting new friends. Little Atlas even made friends with a Halloween decoration!

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Everyone knows it’s that time of year again. Autumn is coming, and with it, comes all the fun Halloween decorations. People are putting out their plastic pumpkins and fake cobwebs, and some even like to go bigger with larger lawn decorations.
Photo: Pexels/Charles Parker
It isn’t just humans who enjoy seeing people put out their decorations. As his owner, Erin Lundy, explained, the very social dog, who is barely a year old, made his way towards the neighbor’s giant witch.

The dog mom said to The Dodo, “Atlas is the most sociable little pup, loves new people and new friends, and always tries to get a cheeky pet by booping their hands and sitting politely in front of them.”
Photo: TikTok/atlasgolden
So, when the pup saw the witch standing on the neighbor’s lawn, he just had to go make a new friend. He made his way over to the decoration, thinking that the witch was real.

Sadly for him, that witch was all fake and wasn’t about to budge. Even though he tried his normal hand booping that worked for him many times before, the little pup was getting no response.
As sad as he was, Atlas wasn’t going to give up. The tenacious pup kept trying to get a reaction. In fact, it became a ritual for him!
Photo: TikTok/atlasgolden
“I laughed pretty hard when I saw him trying to get pets from a Halloween decoration. It was endearing to see him so eager to make a friend. I don’t think he knew how to react to somebody not petting him either. He wants to visit with her every day,” his owner said to The Dodo.

Hopefully one day, he’ll get the pets that he wants.
Check out the adorable TikTok video below:

friendship overcomes all boundaries. even if you’re a rubber witch. #spookyseason #goldenretriever #puppy #myheart
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