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Papa and Bowman are two pit bulls that needed a helping hand. They were stuck at the animal shelter and it seems as if they were being left behind. All of the other dogs at the shelter had an orange card attached to their cage, signifying that they were getting adopted. Those two pit bulls, however, were still there waiting for their forever family.

The shelter, in Wooster, Ohio, happened to have a kind adoption counselor that was not willing to take the situation lying down.
Photo: flickr/Neon Tommy
Joe Kay could tell that the dogs were in distress and realized they were being left behind. That is when he promised them that they would not be there forever.

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The first thing that Kay did was to give them some personalized TLC.
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
It didn’t matter if it was a holiday or any time that he wasn’t supposed to be at work, he would come in to give them a little bit of extra attention.

In the long run, you will see that the dedication he gave to the dogs paid off. After all, they now have their own orange cards!
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
It just goes to show that no one is worth giving up on.
Watch their sweet story below:
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