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This is the story of a four-year-old dog that was down for the count. This poor animal was unable to walk any longer, and typically, this is the beginning of the end for many animals. However, the good folks at Vet Ranch had different ideas and they were not going to allow this poor dog to suffer any longer. That’s what makes this story such a great one.

We love to see stories like this one, especially in a world that is always chock full of bad news. Once Bella the dog arrived at Vet Ranch, they knew that they had to spring into action immediately.
Photo: Pixabay/Annabel_P
Dr. Wendy is the brave vet who decided to step up and assist the poor pup. Bella was going to need a lot of help before her quality of life was fully restored.

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The vets would soon discover the source of the dog’s problems: She was suffering from a badly herniated disc. This is the sort of injury that can have a human laid up for extended periods of time, so just imagine how much this dog was suffering! It breaks our hearts to see any animal suffering like this.
Photo: YouTube/Vet Ranch
It is safe to say that Dr. Wendy is something of a miracle worker. The herniated disc has caused the dog to experience compression of the spinal cord. This compression has caused Bella to lose the usage of her back legs, which presented Dr. Wendy with quite the challenge to tackle. It is not every day that a vet is able to restore a dog’s ability to walk like this.

You are going to be in awe when you take a closer look at the treatments that she came up with to help the dog out. Dr. Wendy truly left no stone unturned when it came time to assist Bella. We had no idea that laser work could be done in these instances and that’s what makes this video so amazing.
Photo: YouTube/Vet Ranch
All it took was a bit of time and some tender, loving care. Now, Bella is back walking normally again and she has the wizardry of Dr. Wendy to thank for that.
If you would like to see this incredible story for yourself, please be sure to check out this awesome video from the Vet Ranch:
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