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Dogs take their duty seriously — for all they know, they might be the only thing standing between their beloved family and the absolute chaotic unknown of the outside world. While this is the reason we get stories like “hero dog saves owner from rattlesnake,” some dogs are a little goofier in their attempts at heroism.

For example, take Gabi the guard dog, who guards the family home in São Paulo, Brazil with her life!
To do this, she’s not afraid to stick her neck out. The little pup is just small enough to fit her head into a pipe hole in the walls surrounding the family home.

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From her foxhole, Gabi keeps an eye on the neighborhood. If you get close enough, you might see her face in the shadow of the pipe, eyes bulging and watching you:
And don’t you dare try anything, because then you’ll face her wrath!

Okay, so she’s not quite as threatening as she thinks she is. Fortunately, her family finds it funny and has shared it with the internet to laugh at her unusually intense approach.
Her underbite fully extended and eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, Gabi’s owner can’t help but laugh — “Your eyes are going to pop out! Get inside!” she can be heard on the recording.

“Gabi sticks her head through the pipe to see and bark,” she wrote in the video’s description.
“Heeeeere’s Johnny!” said one YouTube commenter, referencing the iconic scene from Kubrick’s The Shining. “So beautiful… I love all animals!” another wrote, finding Gabi’s goofy face more endearing than frightening.
Watch Gabi’s neighborhood watch routine below, via ViralHog:
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