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Welcome to my channel. Saro Dog Training. My name is Saro. I am a licensed professional household pet fitness instructor based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
In this channel, you will learn more about canine training and behavioural adjustments without using deals with, food, aversive tools like shock collars, prong collars or chock chain collars, force, dominance or being alpha.

After having a beagle that was not encouraged by deals with to train, I found that pets, in basic, are NOT food inspired. They enjoy food. They consume to live and not live to consume.
Current research studies and clinical looks into have actually shown that pet dogs are not reacting to the deals with however to the hand that offers the deals with.

That is a significant discovery. That suggests all the old and out-of-date research studies and understandings of canines have actually been education pet dog owners the incorrect concepts.

That is why on this channel you are going to discover how to train and customize your pet’s behaviour utilizing play and appreciation benefit system. This is the most reliable and healthiest technique of training pets.

If you wish to enhance your life and your pet dogs physical, psychological, and emotion of mind, register for the channel and struck the bell icon so you will not miss out on any of my approaching videos.
I publish a video weekly on Saturdays and I go survive on Wednesdays to address your concerns.

Utilizing innovative brain imaging innovations in his comprehensive research study, Dr. Gregory Berns has actually assisted us much better comprehend human inspiration and decision-making. His latest work checks out and information how pets like us, discovering the compassion and the bonds we both feel. Enjoy the following video to get more information:

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I am a canine fitness instructor and I coach canine owners. I assist you to train your pet dog( s) without making use of deals with, aversive tools like shock collars, prong collars, force and Domination. I teach and reveal you how to utilize “play & applaud” as a benefit to train your pet.

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