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As Hurricane Ida barreled down on Louisiana, thousands of people were ordered to evacuate ahead of the deadly storm. But one Louisiana resident, Ms. Jill, refused to leave her house in Golden Meadows, even though her hometown lay in the hurricane’s path. Her reason? Ms. Jill–who is lovingly known as the “dog lady” around town–-couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her pets or any neighborhood strays without somebody to care for them.
Lily survived Hurricane Ida with the help of the local “dog lady.” Photo: Greater Good Charities
This brave approach certainly worked out for Lily, Dude, and Voodoo, three neighborhood dogs who survived the deadly storm by hunkering down at Ms. Jill’s house when Hurricane Ida struck.
“Lily, Dude, and Voodoo rode out Hurricane Ida at Ms. Jill’s house since she knew there was no room at our small animal shelter,” shelter workers from Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter told Greater Good Charities.
After narrowly escaping Hurricane Ida, Dude is heading to a better life in New Jersey. Photo: Greater Good Charities
“She then kept them with her for the next six weeks even as she made repairs to her own home until there was room for them,” the Louisiana shelter workers explained. “There are very few local adopters here since the storm, so she stayed in communication with the shelter about when they would be able to make a flight!”
Now Lily, Dude, and Voodoo are booked on our next Flight to Freedom, which will fly more than 40 shelter pets from Louisiana to New Jersey on Oct. 26.
Photo: Greater Good Charities
These life-saving flights–which transfer shelter pets from Louisiana, where shelter overcrowding leaves animals at high risk of euthanasia–are more urgent than ever during a hurricane season.
Not only do Flight to Freedom rescue pets from deadly hurricanes, heartworm disease, and euthanasia, the rescue flights airlift shelter pets to regions where demand for adoption is high.
After landing in New Jersey on Oct. 26, for example, Lily, Dude, Voodoo and their fellow shelter pet fliers will be transferred to receiving shelters and be adopted in days!
Sweet Bee is one of 40+ shelter pets traveling on our October Flight to Freedom. Photo: Greater Good Charities
But Flights to Freedom also depend on reader donations, which means we’ll need your help flying all these animals to safety on October 26.
Can you make a donation to help us fund air miles for at-risk shelter pets traveling on our October 26 Flight to Freedom? Your donation will help us save Lily, Dude, Voodoo and other at-risk shelter pets who deserve a second chance at life.
Meet some of October’s Flight To Freedom passengers!
Bo Peep
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Photo: Greater Good Charities

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Photo: Greater Good Charities
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Can you help us fund air miles for the shelter pets flying on October’s Flight to Freedom? Every donation helps us save animals’ lives.