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Khosrow Khosravani and his friends were sailing from Marina Del Rey to Paradise Cove in Malibu, California, when they spotted a pod of dolphins.Although enamored by the beautiful creatures, they would soon discover something much more surprising to see.
Photo: Unsplash/Ranae Smith
Floating in the water nearby was a woman’s hand sticking up out of the water. As they sailed closer, they realized that the woman was still alive, struggling to stay afloat.
It turns out that she was skinny dipping at the coast, when a strong current pulled her in earlier that day. For 12 hours, the naked woman was stranded alone in the ocean, three miles off the coast. The only way she survived was by floating on her back.
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
Khosravani threw her a floatation device, but unfortunately she was to weak to use it. She was exhausted and unable to speak after being in the water so long. Khosravani then tried a buoy with a long cord, and luckily was able to get the woman onto the boat.
He immediately contacted a crew from Los Angeles Fire Department, who showed up within minutes and brought the woman to safety. She was rushed to the hospital, where she spent three days before she was released. Thankfully, she is doing well.
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
If it weren’t for the pod of dolphins leading the boaters to her, they would have never found her, nor would she have survived.
Watch the story in the video below:
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