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Tsezar is finally enjoying his new lease on life at his new home, FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary in the Netherlands. But until now, he did not have an easy life.Tsezar suffered for the majority of his life at a breeding facility in Ukraine. For years, he was used for intensive breeding, living under deplorable conditions, starved and abused. He was forced to live in a small cage and had nothing to eat but fish waste, and barely had clean water to drink.
Photo: YouTube/FOUR PAWS International
The owner of the facility eventually abandoned it, and left six of the tigers to starve to death.
Thanks to local animal activists and Wild Animal Rescue in Kiev, Tsezar was saved in time. The first sanctuary he went to was too small for him to stay, so he just remained there long enough to get the medical care he needed to start his recovery.
Photo: YouTube/FOUR PAWS International
With help from Four Paws International, Tsezar went on to FELIDA, where he has much more space to heal, grow and thrive. FELIDA specializes in providing special care to traumatized big cats.
The days of breeding and neglect are now behind Tsezar, and he finally gets to enjoy the life he has deserved for so long.
Photo: YouTube/FOUR PAWS International
Although Tsezar got his happy ending, many animals in Ukraine are still suffering due to illegal trade and breeding. A new law goes into effect in November 2021, banning the use of certain wild animal species for entertainment purposes. Activists hope this law will help control illegal activities.
Four Paws will continue to help these poor animals, as well as put pressure on Ukraine’s government to control the breeding and trade of wild animals.
Photo: YouTube/FOUR PAWS International
Watch Tsezar’s story in the video below:
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