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This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Submit your own rescue story here. Your story just might be the next to be featured on our blog!In May of this year, while my husband was at the local bar, this little three-week-old calico kitten stopped by. Not once, but twice. First time, they were able to give her back to her mom. About an hour later, she came back. My husband watched her come from the building next door. She did not wobble, he said. She marched straight to him and sat on his foot. He picked her up and held her, waiting for mom.
Mom never showed back up. So, home she came. I remember taking her from him and exclaiming, “This is a baby!” “I couldn’t leave her,” was his response. So after a run to Petsmart to get kitten formula and other supplies (of which we had no cat supplies, being only a two dog and one tortoise household), we settled into taking care of this little persistent furball. Hence her name: Persistence. Oh, how it suits her!

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It was not long before she turned our house and our lives upside down. Many days of night time feedings followed, and an emergency run to the vet just a few days after she came home when her left eye closed. She has an ulcer in that eye, from, we suspect, something poking it. We doctored it for a few weeks, and it is still cloudy (the vet did say it would take a long while to heal.) We think that is why her mom gave her up. It doesn’t matter. She’ll always be a part of this family.
She’s happy and healthy, and her eye certainly doesn’t slow her down! She’s the Queen of the house and rules over Scooter and Charlie, our two dogs. They just adore her. Charlie is her playmate and she loves chasing him around the house! But when she’s done, it’s Scooter she runs to, who firmly tells Charlie that it is enough. Sparks, the tortoise, is not too sure of this furball who has invaded her house.
We now cannot imagine life without our little Persistence. She brightens our lives.
Story submitted by Dawn Martinez from Bullhead City, Arizona.
Persistence’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!