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Mastering fundamental obedience commands is an important part of being an accountable pet dog owner. These fundamental commands make browsing the relationship in between animal and owner a lot easier and keep both you and your animal safe in emergency situation scenarios.
Training takes a great deal of time and persistence, even if you aren’t attempting any complex or ‘elegant’ techniques. The duty of pet ownership consists of appropriately training and mingling your animal. Prior to thinking about embracing an animal, please consider just how much time you will require to commit to making certain you have a delighted, healthy, well-socialized and trained animal.

Sit Command
1. Ensure you have your pet’s attention and a reward in hand. Stand or kneel in front of your canine and hold your hand a little bit greater than your pet dog’s head.

2. Utilize the reward to assist your pet dog into position by gradually moving the reward directly back over the canine’s head and towards the tail. Your pet must point his nose up and his back ought to drop towards the ground.

3. As the pet moved into the sit position strongly state ‘Sit’ and make the hand signal displayed in Picture 2.

4. As quickly as the pet moves into position benefit your pet dog with a reward and some appreciation, like stating, ‘Good sit!’

5. If your canine is having difficulty understanding, you can assist direct them with a mild push. Location 2 fingers on his hips and carefully press his rear towards the ground while securely stating ‘Sit’.

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