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This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Submit your own rescue story here. Your story just might be the next to be featured on our blog!One day, a kind lady came into my pet store with two very young feral kittens. The lady had managed to catch the kittens and save them from whatever had killed their mother and siblings. She asked if a rescue would take the kittens. Unfortunately, the rescues were full. The kittens were in a plastic crate. I peeked in.
They were squished into one corner of the carrier, eyes wide, ears flattened. Their little faces were beautiful, almost angelic. My heart melted. I already had a cat, a small spaniel and a chinchilla. The last thing I needed was to add two feral kittens to the mix. But that is exactly what I did! I told myself, I would vet and socialize them. Then, I would find them loving homes.

I set-up a kitten space in my closet. They lived in that closet for six weeks; choosing not to venture out. Finally, the braver kitten began creeping out to explore. After a while, her shy sister followed. I named the shy one, Tinkerbelle; her sister, Dixie.
The kittens began to accept food from my hand. They played with toys. They chased strings with the chinchilla. In time, Dixie became social and ready for her forever home. Tink still had a way to go. Three months had passed since I brought Tinkerbelle home with me. I had the opportunity to move away. I had one month left to tame her before I departed.
From the start, Tinkerbelle loved me and though it scared her, she craved attention. The week before my move, I invited a sweet couple over to meet her, hoping she would love them too. They visited my home three times. Each time, Tinkerbelle hid. In the end, the shy kitten moved away with me.
I’ve had Tinkerbelle for over 2 years. Tink loves to snuggle. She rolls over to have her belly rubbed and purrs with delight. Sometimes, she behaves like a perfectly normal cat. Then a visitor knocks. She runs and hides. When my visitor leaves, she reappears. Ready to play, to snuggle, to be loved.
Story submitted by Cindy from Oak Park, Illinois.
Tinkerbelle’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!