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TikTok has given us so many great videos over the last while. If you’re someone who enjoys adorable or hilarious videos of animals, then TikTok is definitely the perfect platform to see it all. Personally, I could spend hours on TikTok watching videos of cats doing bad things with the music overture of “time to do some sketchy s*** do da do da. Hope I get away with it do da do da.” You probably know the little song diddy that I’m talking about. It’s really the perfect accompaniment to many videos of pets behaving badly.

While the video below doesn’t have any clever song to accompany it, it is still quite hilarious as it highlights the sketchy s*** that our beloved pets will often get up to behind our backs.
Photo: Pixabay/DonnaMV
Most of us like to think that our dogs are these perfectly behaved angels. Man’s best friend after all, right? But that isn’t always the reality. Sometimes they can be quite naughty when they think that no one is looking.
Sadly for many dogs, enjoying an unsupervised day at home doing naughty things might be over thanks to the rise of home security cameras.

While security cameras are great for deterring would-be burglars or keeping a general eye on things at home, they are also the perfect tools for pet owners to spy on their pets. We want to make sure that they’re okay throughout the day, but it also means that we might see something we didn’t expect to see.
Photo: TikTok/karburrows
That is precisely what happened to Karlee Wippler one day when she checked in on her pooch, Millie. The hilarious TikTok clip features the moment when Wippler realizes that Millie likes to climb up on the table when she thinks no one is home.
Unfortunately for Millie, she was completely unaware that her owner had a security camera set up and could see what she was doing. In the footage, Wippler can be heard telling Millie to get down off the table. However, the stubborn pup refuses to budge.
Photo: TikTok/karburrows
Instead, she just stares back in the direction of the camera with this challenging look that says, “make me.”

Looks like Wippler has her hands full with Millie!
Watch the TikTok below:


First day finding out what Millie does when she is home alone 🥰🥰 #TargetHalloween #fyp #goldendoodle #baddog #MakeItCinematic

♬ original sound – Karlee Wippler

What do you think of Millie’s bad behavior? Have you ever caught your pet behaving badly when you’re not home? Let us know!