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In this tutorial I discuss what to do if you remained in a scenario where your pet fled from you and didn’t return. Now certainly, the service is to not enter into that scenario to start with, by training your canine to dependably be with you off leash and to dependably come when called and not having your pet dog off leash or in risky locations. I developed this video due to the fact that I typically see individuals all of a sudden in a scenario they have actually not prepared for and do not now what to do, for example, the other day when I was at the park and a female was attempting to capture her loose pet dog. What occurred, as I describe in the video, is that when she captured her pet she did something that would make the pet dog less most likely to come back to her if the pet dog were ever to be loose once again.

This video does not discuss what to do to avoid your pet from escaping, nor does it describe how to get your pet dog to listen to you no matter what. This tutorial is for those who discover themselves in the scenario where their pet is off leash and unexpectedly not listening to them.

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