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There is just something about the way that a dog will stick to the task at hand. It’s like they cannot (or will not) be deterred by the types of issues that would bother the average person. Their level of determination simply won’t be matched. Most animals would never ever dare to try. Most cats would never stick with something like this for as long as the dog you are about to meet.

Gandja is a bull terrier who has a very special relationship with the pool in question. Like most dogs, Gandja likes to believe that this is their personal playground.
Photo: Pixabay/I_Love_Bull_Terriers
Of course, humans are also responsible for encouraging such things. They are not about to let the dog feel as if they are not a true part of the family, which is nice to see.
For Gandja’s part, he is more than willing to be the man of the pool. That’s what makes this video such a funny one. The thermometer in the pool is particularly vexing to the pup. Anyone who has ever let their dog frolic by the pool at their home is most certainly going to be able to relate to this one.
Photo: YouTube/clara995
Gandja has mistaken the pool thermometer for a toy that needs to be played with and that is where the disconnect comes into play.

As expected, there is really no way to get this lesson across to a dog. They’re just lucky that the animal is being so nice about the whole thing. Some dogs would find themselves in serious distress about the whole thing.
Photo: YouTube/clara995
As you would expect from any dog here, Gandja believes that the thermometer is a stick that is in need of being fetched.
Watch the video below:
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In case anyone who is reading is curious, this dog is an absolutely incredible swimmer. If you are asking us, we could watch a whole series of videos where this dog is doing laps around various pools.
Watch the video of the pup taking on the pool below:
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