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Thanksgiving is meant to be spent with family, but shelter dogs Finly, Lyla, and Grimm have never known the comfort or safety of having a home.These unlucky pups grew up in the South, where crowded shelters leave homeless pets at high risk of euthanasia. Complicating matters is Louisiana’s soaring rates of heartworm disease, which further decrease an infected animal’s chance of leaving the shelter alive.
Shelter Pets Finly, Lyla, Grimm are flying to safety on our November 19 Flight to Freedom. Photo: Greater Good Charities
This heartbreaking dilemma led the Animal Rescue Site to partner with Greater Good Charities to fly Finly, Lyla, Grimm, and other at-risk shelter dogs and cats to safety on November 19.
After departing from Louisiana with 35 shelter dogs and 50 shelter cats on board, our November 19 Flight to Freedom will touch down in the Pacific Northwest, where demand for adoption is soaring.
Photo: Greater Good Charities
Louisiana shelter pets Daisy and Walken are also eager to begin again as family pets in the Pacific Northwest. Like many Southern shelter pets, Daisy and Walken are perfectly adoptable dogs but sadly grew up in the South, where demand for adoption is low.
Our November 19 flight will correct this imbalance by flying Daisy, Walken, and their fellow shelter pet passengers to a region where dogs and cats are adopted in days. After years of feeling unwanted, these loving animals will get their own families just in time for Thanksgiving.
Shelter pets Walken and Daisy can’t wait to get adopted in the Pacific Northwest. Photo: LaFourche Animal Shelter/Acadiana Animal Aid
But Flights to Freedom depend on reader donations, which means we need your help flying these 85 shelter animals to safety on November 19. Just a $5 donation can help us fund air miles for animals who have never experienced a loving home. Can you help us fly shelter pets to their forever families in time for Thanksgiving?