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This story has been shared as part of the Fur Fam Story Contest. You can submit your own tale through December 5th. Voting will run from December 6th through December 31st. Three grand prize winners will receive a $500 prize, plus $2000 in cash and supplies for their favorite shelter. Share your story here!Pilar was adopted at 3 years old. She quickly became the head of the household – the queen – and that just seems like the way things should be, so we’re all ok with it. Her supreme confidence in herself is a joy to behold (And something that I wish I felt!). Although she is definitely an alpha personality, not only is she never aggressive, she’s actually very sensitive and loving. Even people who say they “don’t like cats” end up liking (or loving) Pilar.
Despite numerous medical issues stemming from her life before our family (asthma, IBD, hyperthyroidism, a heart problem, etc.), she just keeps being fully Pilar: Living and loving and looking for adventures. She’s also extremely helpful around the house! She’s even been known to be the “welcoming committee” for new neighbors, as their moving truck pulled up. Too bad there isn’t room to upload more pictures here, or I could have put that one up, too.
Honestly, it’s hard to choose just three pictures to represent her larger-than-life personality, but here goes! Some of the things she enjoys are: Helping to figure out what we should have for dinner, inspecting the A/C compressor, and supervising the house cleaning going on below her. Not only is she an integral part of the family, she might be the most important member!
If I could add one final thought: For anyone who has grown up with superstitions about black cats, I’m wondering if you might consider some information that you may not have known? As has often, and unfortunately, happened with certain groups of people, black cats historically have been unfairly blamed for various misfortunes and then treated cruelly because of what many people believed about them. Also, you may not be aware that in several other countries, not only are black cats not considered to be bad luck, they’re considered to be good luck. Finally, according to Dr. Temple Grandin, the same genetic mutation that makes their fur and skin black also makes them more sociable with people and with other pets.
So the next time you are looking to add a pet to your family, maybe you’ll consider adopting a black cat. Speaking as someone whose life has been very enriched by black cats, I think you’ll be glad you did.
This story was submitted by GH, in support of Larimer Humane Society. To share your own submission for the Fur Fam Story Contest, click here!