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Mother-daughter monkey duo, Nanette and Gabby, have not had an easy start to life, but now they are enjoying each day at their home, the Black Beauty Ranch.The rhesus macaques mother gave birth to Gabby when they were stuck in a primate biomedical research laboratory. Although most infant macaques are taken from their mothers at labs like this, the two of them were luckily kept together like they would’ve been in the wild.
Photo: YouTube/The Humane Society of the United States
They formed an immediate bond, and having each other was the reason why they survived the lab.
In 1997, they were given a second chance at life when they were retired from the research facility after ten years and sent to a sanctuary in Murchison, Texas, where they would be well-taken care of and recover from their life-long trauma.
Photo: YouTube/The Humane Society of the United States
The sanctuary is located on 1,400 acres and is home to nearly 1,000 domestic and exotic animals, many of whom were rescued from slaughterhouses, trophy hunting ranches, and research labs like the one Nanette and Gabby were at. Some of the animals there were also saved from roadside zoos or were in the exotic pet trade.
The rescued animals include horses, bison, cattle, antelope, apes, reptiles, tigers, and more.
Photo: YouTube/The Humane Society of the United States
Now-35-year-old Nanette and 29-year-old Gabby have spent the last 20 years together at Black Beauty Ranch, and their bond is stronger than ever.
Rebecca Woodward has been one of their caregivers for quite some time and shares her perspective on the lovable duo’s incredible bond in the video below.
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