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This story has been shared as part of the Fur Fam Story Contest. Submissions were accepted through December 5th. Voting will run from December 6th through December 31st. Three grand prize winners will receive a $500 prize, plus $2000 in cash and supplies for their favorite shelter. See all the stories here!When I was volunteering at Friends of Linden, 10-year-old Prince was dumped by his “owners.” He was a little white poodle, terribly matted, and blind from cataracts. The people who dumped him actually told the shelter they would put him in the middle of the street to be hit by a car if we didn’t take him.
My heart broke for him and I agreed to foster him. After a few days at my house, we realized the poor boy was deaf, too. We got him groomed, vetted and most of his rotten teeth had to be pulled.
We were able to get cataract surgery and restore vision in one eye. He was very nervous at first and had to take medication. When I started swaddling him like a baby and putting him in bed between me and my husband, he slept through the night and was able to wean off of the medicine.
He had to wear a diaper for a while due to so many accidents. In due time, we got him housebroken. He had the quirk of occasionally using the cat’s litter box!
He loved his dog brother, his cat brother, his humans, and boy did he love to eat!
On February 4, 2020, Prince crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Twenty-six short months with him, but it was 26 months of pure love.
This story was submitted by Lisa Kohl, in support of Friends of Linden Animal Shelter, Inc. To see other Fur Fam Story Contest submissions, click here!