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On December 10, 2021, tornados touched down in Kentucky and resulted in what would be known as “one of the toughest nights in Kentucky history.”The tornados devastated homes and turned the city of Mayfield, Kentucky on its head. People lost their lives during the chaos, and those who survived were faced with the aftermath of the storm.

Many returned to their flattened homes to search for missing family members, sentimental personal items, and pets.
Photo: PICRYL/The U.S. National Archives
While many are mourning what they return home to, one woman is singing praises after finding her dog in the aftermath of the tornado.

While a news reporter surveyed the damage to a Mayfield neighborhood hit by the tornado, the woman walked up and asked if they’d seen a dog. She explained that she’d been in her home with her dog when the tornado hit.
Photo: Facebook/NOS
She said, “The power went out. The house started shaking. We were lifted up, that’s when we lost the dog…When we finally landed, we were surrounded by gas lines and power lines.”
She said her house moved around 20 feet, and after escaping the mess alive, she was unable to find her beloved dog, Nola.

After walking past a few ruined houses, the reporter noticed movement and pointed out a dog. It was Nola!
Photo: Facebook/NOS
Photo: Facebook/NOS
The woman can be seen sprinting to the pup, calling its name. The reunion is so special and is a good reminder to never take our loved ones (including our pets) for granted.

Watch the reunion in the video below:
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