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An 8-year-old chihuahua mix named Gracie has gone viral for being wrapped like a Christmas present on TikTok. The cooperative dog was rescued by her owner, Scott Hubbard, 7 years ago, and ever since, the two have been partaking in a special Christmas tradition.

Each family has its own holiday traditions, and many include pets. Some might take holiday photos with their fur babies or give them stockings with yummy treats.
Photo: flickr/Wayne Silver
For Scott Hubbard, he and Gracie have a 7-year-tradition of wrapping her like a present. Hubbard shared with Fox News, “Every year I wrap my dog up just to remind us both of the gift she is. She was rescued from Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona, seven years ago.”

This year, he decided to share his tradition with TikTok and his video quickly went viral. The video, which has been viewed over 41 million times, features Gracie being gently wrapped like a present.
Photo: TikTok/scottyhubs
Photo: TikTok/scottyhubs
She holds perfectly still as Hubbard tapes the paper around her body and adds a bow to her head as a finishing touch.

People were enamored at the tradition, and at how patient and cooperative little Gracie was being. She went along with being wrapped, acting like it was no big deal!
Watch the TikTok below:

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You can keep up with Scott Hubbard and Gracie and see more of them their antics on TikTok, @scottyhubs.