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Estes Park in Colorado is known for its resident elk. The city’s close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park allows many outdoor enthusiasts to see the herd as they head into and out of one of the National Park Service’s jewels. A recent interaction between two bulls in the city resulted in them both becoming trapped, but wildlife officers arrived to save the day.According to a social media post from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, two bull elk became entangled together after managing to get stuck in wire fencing. A video shared with the post shows the animals unable to escape from the predicament, with very little room for them to move. Luckily for these large-antlered bull elk, wildlife officers and Larimer County Sheriff’s Office staff were able to help.
The group showed up on the scene to get the animals loose. The elk were tranquilized, and the rescue crew got to work untangling them from the fence. You can see the process in the video, with the officers maneuvering around the sizable, sleeping bulls.
Once the animals were freed, they were given reversal drugs and came to shortly after. Wildlife officials say though the animals were exhausted, they are expected to make a full recovery.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife then reminded residents of a key tip in keeping wildlife safe: Don’t have anything in your yard that could entangle wild animals.
To watch the video of the rescue and to see the elk afterward, check out the video below.
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